Video: Woman Kills Kitty with Heroin Smoke During Cat Fight with Lover

By Kirwan Gray 07/08/11

Heroic rescue measures fail—Did Muffin the cat OD on smack?

If toxicologists find heroin in the body of Muffin the cat on Monday, Danielle Blankenship of Boulder is going to be in seriously hot water. The woman’s ex-boyfriend alleged to police that Blankenship had blown heroin into the face of his pet after the couple got into an argument, a charge Blankenship denies. "It was breathing, but not moving," Boulder Animal Control Supervisor Janeé Boswell said of the animal. "At that point, I picked the cat up to see if it would walk. It took about a step and it went limp and it tumbled over." Blankenship told officers she only smoked marijuana, according to the police report, and would never hurt the cat. "They gave it some IVs, and the cat rallied at one point," said a spokesperson for the Boulder Police. "They thought it was going to make it, but then it crashed soon after that and it died about 6:30 last night." Boswell said if heroin is actually found in the cat’s system, “an act like that comes from somebody who's ignorant." If the cat turns up positive for opiates, Blankenship could face charges of misdemeanor animal cruelty and third-degree assault.

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