Video: Topless Drunk Woman Hits 128mph in Thrilling Cop Chase

By Jason Gotlieb 10/28/11

Being drunk, naked and violent when you're arrested is a surefire way to make a video go viral.

Holdsworth covered up after her arrest. Photo via
A drunken 28-year-old woman clad in just a g-string and a pair of sneakers led a caravan of police cars on a high-speed chase through Northeast Ohio earlier this month, gunning her battered Mazda at speeds of up to 128 miles per hour. Following a frantic seven-mile chase, the 28-year-old Kristen Stewart lookalike Erin Holdsworth finally emerged from her vehicle with her hands up, but most of her clothes missing. "In 26 years of working in Bay Bridge Township as a police officer, I don't ever recall having a subject in such a state of undress," remarked a slack-jawed Bainbridge cop, choosing his words perhaps unfortunately. Police managed to put an end to Holdsworth's joyride with tire-puncturing "stop-sticks." Moments later, the barely-dressed drunk driver emerged calmly from her car into the full glare of police headlights. But she refused a breathalyzer, and once in the back of the squad car—having added a pair of cuffs to her minimalist attire—she became angry enough to start screaming and kicking at the back of the driver's seat and the window. The unedifying escapade was caught by police surveillance cameras and the video has now been made publicly available. Squeamish viewers will be relieved to learn that appropriate pixelization is fully in place.

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