Video: 4-Year-Old Served Booze, No Fake ID Needed

By Jason Gotlieb 09/12/11

An Outback Steakhouse in Ohio screwed up badly with some booze-infused slushy drinks.

An Outback Steakhouse in Mason, Ohio, served alcoholic slushy drinks to three underage members of the Kerwin family—and the youngest, Gracie, drank presumably her first vodka and peach schnapps slushy at just four years old. Her cousins, aged 13 and 15, were also given the booze-infused concoctions. "The waitress comes over with a platter full of slushy drinks, my sister asked if there was alcohol in there. Waitress said no so we all took one. Since it was a slushy drink, the kids wanted a couple," said Kelly Kerwin, Gracie's mother. "I heard about it happening before, but I couldn't believe it happened to us. I was angry." Apologizing profusely, the manager comped the family's food and also promised to donate money to Kelly Kerwin's church. But when the church donation never happened, the mother became further enraged: "Don't open your mouth and say something, then just tell me to go away...That upsets me." None of the kids were seriously harmed by their early alcohol experience—but the server involved got fired. Outback Steakhouse released a statement in response to the fiasco: "Our server failed to inform the adults in the Kerwin family that the drink contained alcohol. A member of the family then gave the sample to two of their children. Regardless, we should have informed the adults that the samples contained alcohol." No kidding.

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