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Video: Recovering Addict Film Hits Festival

By Hunter R. Slaton 03/28/12

Oslo, August 31st—Joachim Trier's portrait of an addict in uncertain early recovery—is being shown at New York's New Directors/New Films festival. Check out the trailer.

A day in the life of a shakily recovering drug
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Tonight and tomorrow in New York, movie buffs have a chance to catch an exciting new film, Oslo, August 31st, about one day in the life of a 34-year-old recovering Norwegian drug addict (“Anders,” played by Anders Danielsen Lie) who is fast coming up on the end of a stint in rehab—and the uncertainty that lies beyond. The film, the second from director Joachim Trier, is being shown as part of the 41st annual New Directors/New Films festival in NYC; it previously garnered accolades at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. In glowing tones, a New York Times movie critic described Oslo, August 31st as “a portrait of a former addict and melancholic struggling against the tide—of his depression, his past and his blinkered, anguished sense of a viable future—a fight Anders appears resigned to cede.” New Yorkers can catch the film tonight at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) at 8:30 pm, and tomorrow at 6 pm at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. Check out the trailer:

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