Viral Video Lands Drunk YouTube Star in Court

By Bryan Le 07/18/13

Cops recognize the star of a YouTube video and charge him with damaging a bus stop.

sean martin.jpg
Fame was his downfall. Photo via

The popularity of a viral video has led to the capture and conviction of its star, who drunkenly crashed though the roof of a bus station while wearing no pants. The 47-second video (below) shows an inebriated Sean Martin, 26, from Stockport, England, as he attempts to clamber on top of a bus station, while his friends egg him on. When he finally scales the station, his friend says, “Take your pants off.” Martin complies, then chants “I've lost my keys, I've lose my pants” for a full seven seconds before the plastic roof gives way, causing him to fall through, slamming into the bench before hitting the ground. The stunt, named "Epic Fail!!!Idiot vs Bus Stop" on YouTube, became a massive hit, receiving 185,000 views already. Unfortunately for Martin, one of the viewers was a local police officer, who recognized the video's star and tracked him down, charging him with £560 ($851) worth of damage to the bus station. But Martin's defense attorney, argues that his client was drunk and that the damage was "reckless" and not intentional. “I doubt anyone would jump on a bus shelter roof hoping to go through it,” he says. “It’s a miracle he wasn't injured, frankly.”

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