Video Mocks Katy Perry’s Promotion of Blackout Drinking

By Sam Lansky 03/23/12

"Sexy Mistake" takes aim at the pop star's arguably irresponsible lyrics.

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Given that Katy Perry scored a #1 single with “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.),” a song celebrating the joys of getting blackout drunk, it’s surprising she hasn’t taken more heat already for promoting her message of bad decision-making—which makes this parody video, courtesy of VH1 personality Stevie Ryan, particularly timely. Entitled “Sexy Mistake,” the video sends up Perry’s “Last Friday Night” clip with lyrics like, “Chug down anything you’re handed/Leave your drink unattended,” and “Let’s mix tequila and oxycodone/And have sex without a condom.” (The rhyme's a bit off there, but still.) And the chorus ties together everything with a nice, sloppy bow: “Bad decisions are fun to make/Bad decisions are great/There’s no consequence to any action/So let’s make a sexy mistake.” All of which raises the question: At what point does free-spirit partying cross the line into stupid and dangerous debauchery?

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