Video: Man Downs 40 Jägerbombs in Six Minutes

By Bryan Le 06/11/13

A reckless casino winner blows his winnings on 40 shots of Jäger, only to lose it all in the bar sink.

Don't try this at home. Photo via

One "Jägerbomb"—a shot of Jägermeister chased with Red Bull—could be one-too-many for most of us. But for YouTube star Luke Tibble, one was not nearly enough. After winning at the casino, Tibble decided to spend his newfound wealth on 40 of the toxic cocktails. “First time I'd met Luke Tibble, he'd just won at the casino and came in saying 'I'm going to do 40 jagers in a row,'” writes Ben Marsh, who filmed the stunt and uploaded it on YouTube. "These are jagerBOMBS, hence the slight transparency in the mix. 2 full bottles of Jagermeister and 3 or 4 cans of Redbull if I remember rightly." In the video (below), a seemingly unafraid Tibble pours the astonishing quantities of liquor and energy drink down his gullet, only to violently vomit it all down the drain of the bar sink. YouTube commenters have responded with a mix of disgust and awe. “His body is smarter than his brain by getting rid of the alcohol, enough said...” writes one commenter. Jokes another: “some say he's still puking today.”

Boire 40 shooters de Jägermeister by Spi0n

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