Video: How Much Booze Gets YOU Drunk?

By Jason Gotlieb 08/03/11

Alcohol absorption rates vary wildly by weight, gender, race and speed.

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How much a drink raises the body's blood alcohol content (BAC) varies wildly from person to person. This video from the Wall Street Journal makes the point that a number of elements determine an individual's BAC—and we're all different. Interestingly, weight plays a greater role than height; two people with similar weights can handle similar amounts of alcohol—even if one is short and fat and the other tall and slim. Speed of consumption is another major factor—as you might expect, the faster you drink, the faster your BAC rises. Gender is significant and race can be too, with the "Asian Flush" phenomenon. All 50 US states have a legal BAC limit of 0.08% when operating a vehicle. But not all people reach that level in the same way. Check this out to learn more:

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