Video: Wasted Ron Paul Fan Goes Viral

By Will Godfrey 09/16/11

A drunk driver whose political rant is an internet smash sorely tests the theory that "any publicity is good publicity."

As Republican candidates jostle in the early stages of the 2012 presidential race, some endorsements are less welcome than others. A drunk driver—whose arrest was filmed for the new National Geographic show Frontier Force—has become an internet sensation thanks to his obsession with the US constitution and his defiant backing for "Ron Paul 2012." The overnight star, identified only as Brian, was pulled over during the annual "Cowboy Mardi Gras" in Miles City, Montana. Rambling aggressively under the wary eyes of two cops, he repeatedly challenges them, "What's the first amendment?" before sneering obnoxiously, "You don't even know! Hah!" While he clearly considers himself a constitutional authority, he seems less well-informed about drunk driving laws when the officers ask him what the legal limit is—although he declares that he will "gladly" take a breathalyzer test. He blows a 0.301—almost quadruple the 0.08 maximum—and is swiftly cuffed. But as he's loaded into the police cruiser his cries of "Constitution, read it and live by it!" and "Ron Paul 2012!" can still be heard.

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