Video: Drunk "McDiving" Goes Viral

By McCarton Ackerman 07/09/13

Getting drunk and jumping over McDonald's counters is, apparently, "the new sport of today."

Be prepared for the wrath of the "bouncers"
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McDonald's is a logical last-stop at the end of a boozy night, but a new trend called "McDiving" is taking drunk fast food binges to a whole new level. Several YouTube videos of boozed-up students jumping over the counters at fast food establishments are going viral, with one creative McDiver even pulling off the stunt in a banana costume (see below). The new activity even has its own Facebook page, explaining: "McDiving is the new sport of today. It's very simple. You visit a McDonald's and dive over the counter. Beware you must be prepared for the wrath of the bouncers." Jake Warren, a politics and social policy graduate from England's Leeds University, says that most of the other patrons are usually "cheering and laughing," but that some can get "annoyed." Many McDivers have been escorted out of the restaurants by irritated staff members, or "bouncers." And the practice has become so common that McDonald's was forced to release a statement declaring that they "do not condone jumping over our restaurant front counters as it poses a serious health and safety risk to both the participants and our restaurant staff."

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