Video: Cops Catch "Clumsy Beer Thief"

By Will Godfrey 08/25/11

A man suspected of a botched beer heist in Florida is caught with his pants up—this time.

The chief suspect in a botched beer heist—involving a man dubbed the "Clumsy Beer Thief" by those cops who actually managed to stop laughing—has been apprehended in Polk County, Florida, police announced. Juan Luis Gutierrez, 27, has been charged with petit theft and awaits his fate in Polk County jail. Gutierrez—if indeed it's him—achieved national notoriety of a kind back in April, when a bungled attempt to secure a free party was filmed in full by the surveillance camera outside a Lake Wales convenience store. In the video, our star pulls up with an accomplice in a menacing black Chevy Malibu, enters the store, then hurtles out clutching two 18-packs of Bud Light. But with Chaplin-esque timing, his baggy pants fall down and trip him, revealing some fetching tartan underwear—and worse—as he and his stolen cans fly sprawling across the pavement. Although the would-be thief escaped with his liberty, if not his dignity, the arrest of Gutierrez last week may mean that the public can sleep safe from the kind of criminal who really shouldn't make a career of it.

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