Bruce Willis Hawks Cheap Polish Vodka to Save America's Troops

By Will Godfrey 08/17/11

The Die Hard star announces that his budget vodka will donate a portion of proceeds from every sale to a charity for recovering soldiers.

Now there are two more reasons to drink vodka: Compassion and patriotism. Hollywood superstar Bruce Willis demonstrated a Sixth Sense for business when he became part-owner of Polish vodka brand Sobieski back in 2009—receiving a 3.3% stake worth $4 million at the time as compensation for his work as global spokesman. Now he's spearheading a promotion that supports Fisher House, a foundation helping injured members of the US military and their families. As the Die Hard icon announced on video, from September 1st on, a percentage of the profits from every bottle of Sobierski sold in the US for a year—and a minimum of $250,000—will go to the charity. Of course, non-drinkers can feel free to donate the price of one of the super-cheap brand's bottles—as little as $14—direct if they choose. Bruce Willis is not alone among A-listers in his efforts to promote hard liquor—rapper P. Diddy sings the praises of upmarket rival Ciroc. You can see one of Willis's previous commercial appearances below.


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