VIDEO: Arrested Fox News Anchor Scuffles With Police

By Shawn Dwyer 06/24/14

New video has surfaced from the May arrest of Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett for being drunk and belligerent.

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Gregg Jarrett. Photo via

As if his mug shot going viral across the internet wasn’t bad enough, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett can now be seen scuffling with police in footage from a police surveillance video obtained by Gawker via Minnesota’s Freedom of Information Act that was released today.

Jarrett was arrested last month on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly following an altercation at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. According to reports, the news anchor was detained by police for allegedly erratic behavior.

The footage, which was taken inside a Minneapolis jailhouse, starts with Jarrett being calmly led in and put on a bench. Within seconds, however, he began insulting Officer Mark Dorsey, calling him a “fucking stupid ass” before drunkenly standing to confront him.

Dorsey immediately responded to Jarrett’s aggression by grabbing the anchor and slamming him into the wall. The officers quickly spun Jarrett around, slammed him face-first into the bench, and shouted at him to “Stay down!” He was eventually subdued by three officers and cuffed before the video ends.

Jarrett was charged with a misdemeanor of obstructing the legal process and interfering with an officer. At the time of his arrest, Fox News released a statement stating that Jarrett was on leave from the network “dealing with serious personal issues.” They declined to comment on the video.

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