Video: "Anonymous" Hacker Collective Targets Zetas Cartel

By Will Godfrey 11/01/11

The shadowy hackers' group posts a video threatening to expose those who collaborate with Mexico's Zetas drug cartel.

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In September a video was posted on YouTube by a group calling itself the "Zetas Killers," vowing violence against the notorious Mexican drug cartel. Now another film—apparently posted by the well-known but shadowy hacker collective "Anonymous"—carries threats of a very different nature, promising to pursue the gangsters and their corrupt collaborators through the power of sensitive and potentially deadly information obtained by online hackers. In the video (a version in English is posted here, but the original is in Spanish, using Mexican slang but with a Spanish accent) a suited man in a Guy Fawkes mask gestures eerily as a voice warns, "You made a huge mistake in taking one of us." This refers to the recent alleged kidnapping of an Anonymous "hacktivist" by the Zetas in Mexico's Veracruz state. The voice also declares Anonymous to be "fed up" with the Zetas' "kidnapping, stealing and blackmailing." It threatens to expose the "journalists, taxi drivers and police officers" who are helping the cartel, by publishing names, photographs and addresses. Previous targets of Anonymous include child porn websites and those who use them—as well as Fox News. And last week, Anonymous launched an online attack against the Oakland Police Department for its behavior in shutting down the Occupy Oakland encampment. This latest video warns the Zetas to "Release him, and if anything happens to him, you will always remember this upcoming November 5th." The date is Guy Fawkes Night, the anniversary of a famous foiled plot to blow up the British Houses of Parliament in 1605. The internet has increasingly become a battleground in Mexico's drug war—hackers recently plastered a website promoting former Tabasco Attorney General Gustavo Rosario with the words "Gustavo Rosario is a Zeta."

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