U.N’s World Drug Report Reveals Massive Failure of War on Drugs

By Brent McCluskey 07/17/15

Despite decades of effort, global drug use remains virtually unchanged.

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The findings of the comprehensive 2015 World Drug Report revealed that the United Nations has been on the losing side of the War on Drugs.

Released in June by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the report detailed the U.N.’s progress, or perhaps their lack thereof. While unintentional, the report implicitly showed that although we have spent countless dollars and made numerous incarcerations and seizures, the global drug use remains virtually unchanged.

The report also brought up concerns regarding marijuana and its increasing potency throughout the years, adding that from 1993 to 2008 the average THC content has jumped from 3.4% to 8.8%.

“Higher THC content has been associated with anxiety, depression, and increased risk of dependence, psychotic symptoms and effects on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, particularly among regular users, although anxiety and psychotic symptoms may occur in recent and inexperienced users, too,” the report found.

But the U.N. isn’t completely in the dark regarding their own failed attempts at turning the tide on the War on Drugs, recognizing the need to rethink their approach and refocus their efforts.

“Research shows the need to rethink drug-prevention strategies and shift the focus from counter-productive, fear-arousing messages to a more positive approach recognizing that children and youth start to use drugs in the context of personal and environmental vulnerabilities that are largely out of their control,” the U.N. wrote.

Despite their efforts, little has changed on a global scale, and many of the same drug problems that existed before are still present today.

“The past year saw little change in the overall global situation regarding the production, use, and health consequences of illicit drugs,” the report concluded.

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