Britain Bans Budweiser Ad

By May Wilkerson 04/10/12

Bud's ad, linking drinking to sexy times, is considered a breach of advertising ethics.

"A night like tonight." Photo via

The United Kingdom has banned a Budweiser ad in which a football coach preps young blokes for a night out on the town, telling them "Gentlemen, you were conceived on a night like tonight." Officials were unhappy with the way the ad implied a correlation between boozing and sex. "We considered the ad linked alcohol to sexual success and therefore concluded that it breached the Code", said UK industry watchdogs, The Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA's advertising codes were tightened in 2005 to ensure alcohol brands do not promote under-age drinking or "anti-social behaviour," with a specified restriction on connecting alcohol to sex. Budweiser's local brewers, InBev UK, denied they had crossed any boundaries, arguing that the company's advertisements abroad strive to uphold "the commonly attributed American values of optimism, free-spiritedness and a positive attitude" and this particular ad "was part of that tradition and was designed to capture the spirit of anticipation." In the spirit of anticipation, the ASA warned InBev against releasing any future advertisements indicating that getting drunk will get you laid.

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