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By The Fix staff 09/06/12

Clear September 12, 3–4 pm EST in your diary and get ready to tweet your thoughts in our #popchat.

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Celebrities: They're (sober) just like us! Bradley Cooper and Jamie Lee Curtis are the latest celebs to open up about their long-term sobriety, joining ranks with a long line of stars who have spoken about giving up booze and drugs, including Elton John, Demi "Sober is Sexy" Lovato and Samuel L. Jackson. Do these stories of celebrity sobriety help us average Joes and Janes get—and stay—sober, too? Are our struggles as addicts universal, or is it difficult—or easier—to battle addiction when you're famous?

We'd love to know what you think! Please join our Twitter chat NEXT week on September 12, from 3–4 pm EST—co-hosted by our friends at Phoenix House. Taking part is easy: Just log on to Twitter at that time and search for our new chat-specific hashtag—#popchat. Tweet your answers to the questions posed by @_TheFix and @PhoenixHouse—if you don't follow them yet, do it now!—and make sure to include #popchat in every tweet you send.

Our guests will include psychiatrist and author Dr. John Sharp (click on any of these names to follow them on Twitter), former White House drug policy advisor Kevin SabetFox entertainment reporter Courtney Friel and sober coach Patty Powers of Relapse—as well as Phoenix House CEO Howard Meitiner and Fix contributors like Nic Sheff, Amy DresnerJeff Deeney and Jennifer Matesa. They'll be joined by many other experts, journalists and representatives of organizations like the Partnership at and VisionsTeen. And your ever-faithful Fix staff—including Mike GuyAnna DavidWill GodfreyHunter SlatonMay Wilkerson and Joe Schrank—will be chipping in, too. We hope to see you there! 

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