Today: Join a Myth-Busting Twitter Chat With The Fix!

By Bryan Le 05/11/12

You're invited to an open Twitter chat with The Fix and Phoenix House, to give your views on the facts and the fictions surrounding addiction.

True or false?

Should drugs be legalized? Who's to blame for America's prescription pill epidemic? How should addiction itself be defined? We hear rumors and controversies about drugs every day—and so do you.

The Fix is teaming up with Phoenix House to hold an open-to-all Twitter chat to separate the myths from the truth. It happens on Friday May 11, 3-4 pm EST. We want you to get involved and share your views—and taking part is easy! Just log on to Twitter, follow @_TheFix and @PhoenixHouse and start firing out your answers to the questions we ask (make sure to include #drugchat in all your tweets, so everyone can keep up).

You'll be swapping ideas with expert participants like Dr. Paul Hokemeyer (@drpaulnyc, marriage and family therapist, and regular on the Dr. Oz Show) and Patty Powers (@sobercoachnyc, sober coach and writer, and regular on A&E's Relapse). Authors Nic Sheff (@nic_sheff, Tweak, We All Fall Down) and Sacha Scoblic (@sachaZscoblic, Unwasted: My Lush Sobriety) will also feature, as well as some excellent recovery and health-related organizations, like @healthyliving, @hickorywindrnch and @visionsteen.

We'll welcome friends from Phoenix House, including CEO Howard Meitiner (@hmeitiner), and a host of fascinating Fix contributors, including @TSmellsworth, @jeff_deeney and @guinevere64. And don't forget your ever-faithful Fix staff: @mrmikeguy, @joeschrank, @annadavid, @godfreywill, @hrslaton, @shutupmay.

Lock horns with any or all of them this Friday. We'll see you there! #drugchat

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