Cameras Catch Smashed Twilight Star Peeing on LAX Carpet

By John Bagley 01/03/13

Conclusive footage emerges of Bronson Pelletier's drunken airport urination.

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Pelletier learns a hard lesson about life under
the spotlight.
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New video obtained by gossip gurus TMZ confirms reports that Twilight actor Bronson Pelletier did, in fact, urinate in public at an airport last month. The 25-year-old was arrested on "suspicion of drunkenness" at LAX on December 17 after peeing on the floor in the middle of a gate area. "No peeing...peeing did not happen," he told TMZ previously. But video footage gives the lie to his claims—although to be fair, he doesn't appear to have been in any state to remember. Witnesses say the actor was tackled by security after his urination, which occurred shortly after he was kicked off a plane for being too drunk. He was reportedly busted for possession of meth and cocaine earlier that month, but cops let him off with a warning that time. He now faces charges for public urination and will go to court on January 17. Pelletier's rep says he "realizes he has issues" and plans to undergo treatment.

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