Man Dons Wire Mask to Quit Smoking

By Bryan Le 07/08/13

A Turkish smoker would rather imprison his head than remain imprisoned by his habit.

cage helmet.jpg
The cost of freedom. Photo via

If you've ever tried to quit smoking, you may be able to relate to a man from Turkey who has created a special wire helmet to prevent a cigarette from entering his mouth. Ibrahim Yucel, a 42-year-old technician from Kütahya, Turkey, says he wanted to kick his 26-year-long two-pack-a-day habit for the sake of his family. But after multiple past attempts to quit on his own birthday every year, his three children's birthdays, and his wedding anniversary, he couldn't manage to stay smoke-free for more than a few days. So he invented and built a wire head cage, inspired by motorcycle helmets, which he locks on to his head. And he has given the only two sets of keys to his wife and teenage daughter. He says the shame of wearing a large wire helmet on his head in public is an additional factor motivating him to quit. Yucel lost his own father to lung cancer from smoking, and he is determined not to leave his family in the same situation. He's been wearing the helmet, and has been smoke-free, since the beginning of this month.

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