Tory MP Resigns Over Drug And Sex Allegations With Rent Boy

By McCarton Ackerman 04/01/14

Conservative MP Mark Menzies gave the male prostitute a tour of the Houses of Parliament before asking for methodrone and sex.

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Mark Menzies. Photo via

A Tory MP has resigned from his position after a Brazilian rent boy alleged that the minister’s aide asked him for sex and drugs. Rogerio dos Santos Pinto, 19, told reporters that 42-year-old Mark Menzies gave him a tour of the Houses of Parliament before offering him £250 ($416) for a two-hour session and asking for a supply of methodrone, also known as a “poor man’s cocaine.”

“I have been having sex with a Conservative MP for money…I have messages of him talking to me about drugs,” said Santos. “We met very regularly over the last 18 months. He took me to the Houses of Parliament. Recently, he has been asking me to buy drugs. I have SMS messages and photographic evidence.”

Santos has since returned to Brazil after admitting he was in Britain illegally after overstaying a student visa. Menzies, who worked as the aide to International Development Minister Alan Duncan, resigned in a statement over the weekend. “I have decided to resign as a Parliamentary Private Secretary after a series of allegations were made against me,” he wrote. “A number of these allegations are not true and I look forward to setting the record straight in due course.”

However, Menzies is in good company when it comes to drug use, since numerous British politicians have admitted to at least experimenting with drugs. Mayor of London Boris Johnson famously made headlines after admitting he tried cocaine and marijuana in his teens. “It was jolly nice,” he said. “But apparently it’s very different these days. Much stronger. I’ve become very illiberal about it. I don’t want my kids to take drugs."

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