Toronto Police Launch Humorous 'Cookin' With Molly' Campaign

By McCarton Ackerman 01/29/15

Though humorous, the video still manages to warn potential users about the dangers of MDMA.

Cookin' with Molly
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Toronto Police are hoping to entertain and educate about the dangers of MDMA with a new ad campaign targeted towards teens and 20-somethings.

The department has released a YouTube video of a fictional cooking show called “Cookin’ with Molly,” which will be promoted from Jan. 9 until the end of February. The video shows a sleazy-looking man cooking MDMA in a basement. He then cuts it with methamphetamines and adds in a “pinch” of bath salts because he doesn’t want those watching to “burn down a city block.” Crimestoppers announced the new campaign at a press conference and are also promoting it on their Facebook and Twitter handles.

“These party-type drugs have been a growing concern, and Toronto Crime Stoppers wanted to tackle this head on without being heavy-handed, so the cooking show format is intended to be tongue-in-cheek,” said DDB Canada Senior Art Director Craig Ferguson. “At the same time, this creative still allows us to educate people on the harmful, hidden ingredients found in MDMA, which was our key objective."

The campaign was created largely in response to the two drug-related deaths last summer at the VELD Music Festival, as well as a growing number of MDMA-related overdoses and deaths throughout the country. Toronto Crime Stoppers Vice Chair Sean Sportum said he hoped to dispel the myth that the drug is completely harmless.

“We felt compelled to raise awareness about this issue to help make our communities safer,” he explained. “MDMA pills don’t come with a list of ingredients and since they can be cut with anything from LSD to caffeine, users can never be certain of what they are getting.”

Some music festivals have taken matters into their own hands when it comes to educating concertgoers about the dangers of Molly. The Electric Zoo Festival launched a “Come to Life” campaign PSA, which featured a brief scripted video of a man inviting a girl to “roll” on MDMA during a festival performance. He is shown sweating profusely, speaking nonsensically and eventually hallucinating. The video ends with captions that read, “Don’t miss the moment. Be present. Avoid the risk.” Those who arrived at the festival this year were required to watch the video before their wristbands would be activated to enter.

Check out the full video below:

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