Top Gun's Kelly McGillis Stars at New Jersey Rehab

By Donel DeFreese 04/22/11


A few decades after taming Tom Cruise, the once-wild actress tamed down her own act, landed a job at a recovery house, and is set to release a new movie this weekend.

kelly-mcgillis pic.jpg
McGillis with Tom Cruise in Top Gun.
Photo via celebritysmackblog

Kelly McGillis won the hearts and minds and other organs of millions of teenage boys as she tamed the reckless fighter pilot Maverick (Tom Cruise) while Kenny Loggins’ hit song The Danger Zone blared out from the soundtrack of the iconic 80s movie Top Gun. But today, Kelly is helping people living in the real danger zone of alcohol and drug abuse. McGillis, who will celebrate 10 years of sobriety in May, has recently joined the staff of Seabrook House, a drug and rehabilitation center in New Jersey. She tells, "I have a real job. I work at a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility. I interviewed for a job and they hired me. It makes me feel as if I'm genuinely being of service to others. I feel as if I have the potential to help others in a way that I don't have acting." As reported in the New York Times, Ms. McGillis, who last year came out openly as gay and married long-time partner Melanie Leis, says she first turned to alcohol in 1982 after she and her girlfriend at the time were raped by two men who broke into their apartment while she was a student at Julliard.  She blamed herself for the rape. “I created this story, that I’m being punished because I’m gay.” How do you deal with something like that? “I drank a lot,” she said. Stake Land, her first film since she’s been sober, debuts this weekend in selected theaters.

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