Top 5 Drug/Alcohol References in Super Bowl XLIX Commercials

By Ronald Kublin 02/01/15

Jessie Pinkman is once again trying to get you hooked...on carbs.

I’m not much of a sports guy but I like to watch the Super Bowl Match. I don’t tune in to see who kicks a touchdown or scores a goal or whatever, I’m all about the ads! I want to see what 4.5 million bucks gets you. As usual, the commercials did not disappoint. Among the usual beer, car, and animal-related tearjerkers, there were a few standouts. Of particular interest to readers of The Fix, there were several commercials which directly or indirectly referenced substance abuse. Of these, here are my top five:

1. Lindsay Lohan in "Sorta Your Mom"

In an ironic turn of events, 2015 Lindsay Lohan channels 2007 DUI-era LiLo driving recklessly and trailing wreckage in this ad for Esurance. I don't know, can Lindsay even qualify for car insurance?


2. Walter White in "Say My Name"

In another Esurance ad, Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston resurrects Walter White. Here he is in full hazmat gear and looting a pharmacy, taking a quick break to help a woman with her prescription. If Walter gets caught stealing supplies for his next batch of Blue Sky, he'd Better Call Saul!


3. Aaron Paul in "All You Can Eat"

In another nod to Breaking Bad, Walter White's sidekick/nemesis Jessie Pinkman tries once again to get us hooked... on carbs. Those of you who are strung out on string cheese might get a “kick” out of this Weight Watchers commercial which features pizza and fries but no “cold turkey” (see what I did there?).


 4. "The Fiat Blue Pill"

Car companies know enough not to feature alcohol or mind-altering drugs in their commercials, but Fiat shows you how a certain ubiquitous little blue pill can get your motor running...outside of the bedroom.


5. "That's How"

Finally, and on a more serious note, a local St. Louis affiliate aired a 60-second PSA focusing on heroin. A snappy song accompanies visuals of a young man succumbing to heroin addiction and an eventual OD. The contrast packs a powerful and effective punch.

I might have missed a couple. Between that Weight Watchers commercial and Katy Perry's Hot Dog on a Stick uniform, I got wicked hungry so I dipped out for some pizza and french fries. Do you have any thoughts on this year's Super Bowl commercials? Which were your favorites? Let me know in the comments.

Ronald Kublin is a writer living in Los Angeles.

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