Exclusive: Tom Sizemore Tells the Fix His Arrest Was "A Big Foul-Up"

By Anna David 09/21/11

Tom Sizemore's "drug-related" arrest yesterday provoked a rush of media excitement—but he tells The Fix he's still pure and clean..

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When you're a recovering addict who happens to be very famous, the media's constant suspicions of relapse will always be part of the game. The hoopla around Tom Sizemore's arrest during a "drug-related investigation" yesterday was a whole lot of hot air. The 48-year-old actor, who's currently playing Captain Fryer, the head of Internal Affairs, on the hit CBS show Hawaii 5-0, has had his share of past troubles. But, as he detailed in his interview with The Fix not long ago, Sizemore's been living life on the up-and-up ever since graduating from the first season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew and then Sober House. He's now been sober nearly two-and-a-half years—and made it clear to us that he's still clean. He told The Fix that the arrest was "a big foul-up." When someone staying with Sizemore was arrested early Tuesday morning, the police ran a routine check on the Heat star and discovered an outstanding warrant for failing to complete community service—community service that he had in fact already completed. "A paper was misfiled," says Sizemore—who was held for just a few hours before being released. He is currently in Minneapolis promoting his upcoming film, White Knight.

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