Third Florida Judge Arrested For DUI In Last Six Months

By Shawn Dwyer 05/27/14

In the ongoing saga of what’s wrong with the Sunshine State, a district court judge was booked for showing up to work drunk.

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Circuit Judge Lynn Rosenthal was arrested Tuesday morning after pulling into the Broward County courthouse parking lot while driving intoxicated.

Rosenthal, 56, arrived at the courthouse roughly at 8 a.m. and struck a parked Sheriff’s vehicle, according to agency spokesperson Keyla Concepcion. She took out her own driver’s side mirror and was booked in the main jail not far from the courthouse after being interviewed by detectives.

Rosenthal was the third Broward County judge to be charged with driving under the influence in recent months. Circuit Judge Cynthia Imperato, 57, was arrested last November for a DUI incident in Boca Raton, while just last week Broward County Judge Gisele Pollack was suspended from the bench following a DUI crash May 1 that injured another driver. In December 2013, Pollack entered rehab following a bizarre incident that involved her shouting at court employees after showing up to work drunk.

Appointed to the bench by embattled Gov. Rick Scott in 2012, Rosenthal faces an uphill climb for re-election this year. Her opponent, Jahra Lawrence, wasted no time in calling her arrest “disappointing,” though he took the high road in declaring her innocent until proven guilty.

"If true, it would be disturbing to know she was about to take the bench and decide on people's fates while under the influence," Lawrence said.

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