"The Wanted" Want to Get Bieber Smashed

By Bryan Le 05/24/12

The UK boy band has vowed to get good boy Justin Bieber boozed up during his next visit.

justin bieber.jpg
The Biebster is now legal in the UK. Photo via

Not long ago Justin Bieber confessed to the world that he does drink a little beer without getting "out of control," but it seems UK boyband The Wanted has taken the Beeb's proclamation as a challenge. Like many, his British buddies pounced on him as soon as he was "Baby" no more on his 18th birthday, but for arguably less dubious reasons—the legal drinking age in England (and Bieber's home country, Canada) is 18. Next time he finds himself across the pond, Bieber will be drinking like a fish if The Wanted's Tom Parker, 23, gets his way. "Ah mate, when he comes to England, I'm going to get him f**ked up!" Parker joked. "I really am." And despite Bieber's squeaky clean image, he's not putting up much of a fight against this new threat to his sobriety: "You know what's funny, he's just accepted it," said The Wanted's Nathan Sykes, 19. "I was watching an interview the other day and he was like, 'Yeah, they're going to get me drunk, there's nothing I can do about it.'" Hopefully for Bieber's main squeeze Selena Gomez, the princeling won't return from his drunken escapade with his own case of "Bieber eye." But The Wanted might just be buttering him up with drinks for a proposition: another tour together. "We're trying to make it happen so hopefully we'll be able to join him," said Sykes, "The guy's a little legend."

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