Test Your Celebrity Rehab Skills (ANSWERS)

By McCarton Ackerman 12/06/10

After five tumultuous seasons, Dr. Drew's addictive reality TV series is fading into history. How well do you remember its marquee moments?

1. Which celebrity has never appeared on the show?

C. Victoria Sellers

2. Which of the following Rehab alumn has never released an adult film?

A. Brigitte Nielsen

3. Which cast member most stretches the limits of the term “celebrity”?

E. All of the above.

4. Who was removed from Season Five because she didn’t actually have an addiction?

B. Michelle Salahi

5. Finish this statement: When Heidi Fleiss confronted Tom Sizemore during the Season Three graduation ceremony, she said, “The thought of being with you...”

D. “...would turn a woman gay.”

6. Who has appeared on more than one season?

D. All of the above

7. On Season Two, why did Gary Busey threaten to leave the show?

A. He objected to being seen as a patient.

8. Who is the only cast member to ever be kicked off for bad behavior?

B. Jeff Conaway

9. In addition to alcohol and opiates, Tiger Woods’ mistress Rachel Uchitel suffered from which less conventional addiction?

C. Love

10. During Season Five, Bai Ling ended up fleeing to a bizarre place during her treatment. Where was it?

B. The roof

11. Which Rehabber has not been arrested since appearing on the show?

A. Tom Sizemore

12. Who brought dildos and other sex toys into Rehab that were immediately confiscated?

B. Mary Carey

13. On Season Four, Leif Garrett ordered a beer on a group outing. Bob Forrest took heat for his response. What was it?

D. This is normal behavior for an addict.

14. Dr. Drew cried just once in five seasons. What was the occasion?

C. He was moved by country singer Mindy McCready’s singing performance.

15. On season one, actress / porn star Jaimee Foxworth carried which comfort crutch to the group sessions?

A. A blanket

16. Which Rehab relative displayed such an impressive fit of rage during the family reunion episode that he landed a spot on Celebrity Boxing?

D. Amy Fisher’s husband

17. During the final three years of his addiction, how much did brawny Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson spend on steroids? 

B. $200,000

18. What did Party of Five star Jeremy London insist was to blame for his drug addiction?

B. Strangers kidnapped him, drove him to the desert, and forced him to smoke crack.

19. In Season One, Dr. Drew encouraged porn star Mary Carey to pursue what childhood dream? 

C. Becoming a classical ballerina

20. An entire episode of Season Five was devoted to actress Sean Young confronting her fear of ________.

B. Horses


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