Tennessee Man's 911 Call Leads to Drug Charges

By April M. Short/AlterNet 09/16/14

Emergency dispatchers were tipped off about a conversation involving "tiny little pins" in the suspect's body.

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Grant O’Connor is an unlucky 25-year-old from Tennessee whose unlucky butt dial earned him drug possession charges.

O’Connor unintentionally called 911 on his cell phone and, according to Nashville news station WKRN, the dispatcher claims to have heard him discussing “pleasure shivers” and “tiny little pins” in his body. In Big Brother fashion, the snooping dispatcher stayed on the line to listen in to the rest of his call, then traced it to a Mexican restaurant and sent an officer to the scene.

The officer found O’Connor and a woman pulling out of the parking lot. Since the vehicle happened to have a tail light out, the officer used that as an excuse to pull them over. The officer searched the car and found a small bag of marijuana and “drug paraphernalia,” (probably a pipe), so he arrested the very unfortunate O’Connor and charged him with drug, and drug paraphernalia, possession.

Talk about bad luck. Talk about creepy invasion of privacy. The police department’s manipulation of the situation in order to catch a nonviolent person who was clearly not in any immediate danger or posing any threat to anyone, is a typical example of why our nation needs to decriminalize marijuana possession.

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