Teenage Kim Jong-Un Downed Vodka, Smoked Cigs, and Imported Big Macs

By Bryan Le 02/24/14

The former head chef of the Kim family revealed the decadent upbringing of North Korea's brutal dictator.

kim jong il.jpg
Kim Jong-Un was spoiled by his father,
Kim Jong-Il.

Former chef to the Kim family, Kenji Fujimoto, now in exile, has recently revealed that the current dictator of North Korea had a decadent upbringing unlike any other.

As boys, Kim Jong-Un and his brother were pampered and showered with gifts. The chef also claims that while North Koreans starved, he was sent to Japan to buy fish and also to Peking to import Big Macs for the Kim family. But the strangeness does not end there.

“Jong-un learned to drive when he was seven. They put a little box beneath his feet to help him reach the pedals and someone gave him instruction," said Fujimoto. "The first car he got was a Mercedes-Benz, and he has owned Mercedes ever since. I’d say he has more than ten now – all bulletproof.”

But it wasn't anything goes for Kim and his brother. The former head chef says that Kim Jong-Un would sneak away from his father, Kim Jong-Il, for a secret smoke. "He’d ask me to wait downstairs for him, he’d come in his Mercedes and we’d go up a little hill and smoke at the car park there," said Fujimoto. "One, maybe two cigarettes. Yves Saint Laurent was his favorite brand."

The dictator was also an avid drinker, Fujimoto revealed. Even as a young teenager, Jong-un consumed a lot of Russia’s finest vodka, sometimes drinking a whole bottle by himself. According to Fujimoto, he now prefers Bordeaux red wine – a favorite of his father's.

While he has been forgiven by Jong-Un for his "betrayal" after defecting to Japan, Fujimoto still fears reprisal. "Jong-un might take back what he said about forgetting my betrayal and do what he did to Jang Song Thaek," he said. "Make me disappear, as if I never existed.” 

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