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Swedish House Mafia: The Sober Center of the Party

By Gabrielle Wuhl 06/13/12

The spectacular dance music trio are determined always to perform substance-free.

Swedish House Mafia: good clean fun
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The men of the wildly-popular dance music group Swedish House Mafia always show up to the party sober—just don’t expect the same from their fans. Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axel Christofer Hedfors (AKA Axwell) say that performing sober is how they maintain their edge. In a new interview with Rolling Stone, SHM stress the importance of remaining stimulant-free amid a highly-stimulated 20,000-strong crowd. “The crowd should be out there drinking and having a blast, but imagine if you go to a police officer and he’s wasted," says Angello. "We have to be sober. We’re the police.” Despite the Swedish trio's stance, they understand that their music appeals to those that like to have a good time in more ways than one. Just last December they transformed Madison Square Garden into a massive club venue: “The person who booked it must’ve been drunk!” Axwell joked. But for the SHM, a rock-star life filled with LCD lights, house music and parties is worth enjoying substance-free: “The second [we] got onstage it was like [we had] superpowers.”

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