Supermodel Chrissy Teigen "Goes Sober"

By McCarton Ackerman 04/18/13

John Legend's fiancée is quitting booze because she "wants to feel really truly good again."

She swears "nothing crazy happened!"
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Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is "going sober." The fiancée to singer John Legend has announced that she's giving up booze via Twitter in the hopes that her 223,000 followers will help her remain accountable. "I feel like if I say this publicly, the chances of me succeeding will rise. I, am going sober. First for a month, then taking it from there," she tweeted yesterday morning. Teigen, 27, denies having a substance abuse problem and says she simply doesn't enjoy drinking in the same way she once did. "Alcohol just not as fun and relaxing as it used to be. Want to feel really truly good again!" she wrote. "Nothing crazy happened! Just don't enjoy it like I used to." The model says that the hardest part of sobriety will be attending boozy events ("dealing with people. ah!") and waiting around at airports, but says, "I take it as a nice challenge." She'll also have plenty of other sober companions in the modeling world; Naomi Campbell, Janice Dickinson and Carre Otis are just a few fashion icons who have ditched drugs and alcohol for a healthier lifestyle.

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