Supermarket Receives Cocaine in Banana Boxes

By Bryan Le 06/12/13

The store has contacted its Colombian banana suppliers to inquire about the slip-up.

A whole bunch of problems. Photo via

It appears Latin American cocaine dealers and banana suppliers have gotten their wires crossed. Authorities report that a shipment of cocaine was sent to a Danish supermarket, in a box of bananas. Employees at the Aarhaus branch of supermarket chain Coop noticed that several boxes of bananas in a recent shipment were heavier than the others. After popping them open, they found 100 kg (220 lbs) of white powder, which police "believe is cocaine." Coop spokesman Jens Juul says that they discovered more of the white powder in another Colombian supply shipment at their central dispatch facility in Copenhagen. They've since issued an enquiry to their Colombian supplier as to why their banana stock is being replaced with cocaine. Police haven't yet made any arrests, but are keeping their eyes peeled. A similar incident happened last year in the Netherlands—the supermarket there chose to donate the bananas that hid the cocaine to zoo monkeys.

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