Sting Admits Using Drugs As a 'Creative Tool'

By McCarton Ackerman 06/26/14

The legendary singer-songwriter has lit up on more than one occasion to overcome writer's block.


When it comes to making music, pop star Sting has some other tricks up his sleeve besides tantric sex. In a recent interview, the former frontman for The Police endorsed marijuana as a “creative tool” that has helped him pen some of his biggest hits.

Speaking to Britain’s Event magazine, Sting admitted to occasionally lighting up a joint when writer’s block takes hold. “If I’m feeling stuck on a lyric or an idea isn’t quite gelling, sometimes a puff of weed will free it up. I rarely smoke it socially. It’s a tool, just as a pen is,” he said. “Several artists have used drugs to make great art. I certainly wouldn’t advocate that you have to take drugs to make art, but then you can’t nullify the work of the Beatles. They took LSD and they made fantastic albums.”

The comments weren't exactly surprising since he has been a long-standing advocate for the decriminalization of marijuana. “I think if [drugs] are used specifically as tools for a stated purpose [they should be decriminalized]. As in ‘I’ll smoke this joint and I’ll write a song…or I will write a piece of poetry,’” he said. “Then I think it’s perfectly acceptable.”

Back in 2010, Sting criticized President Barack Obama’s drug policies and called the War on Drugs an abject failure. “It is actively harming our society. Violent crime is thriving in the shadows to which the drug trade has been consigned,” he wrote in a blog on Huffington Post. “People who genuinely need help can't get it. Neither can people who need medical marijuana to treat terrible diseases. We are spending billions, filling up our prisons with non-violent offenders and sacrificing our liberties...Meanwhile, resources to fight genuine crime - violent crime - have been significantly diminished."

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