Static-X’s Publicist Says Wayne Static's Death Not Drug-Related

By John Lavitt 11/03/14

Papa Roach singer Jacoby Shaddix jumped onto Instagram to declare Static's death as a drug overdose, which prompted a swift rebuttal from the band's representative.

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A publicist for Static-X frontman, Wayne Static, is claiming via written statement that drugs played no part in the 48-year old singer's passing over the weekend.

The band's Facebook page alerted fans on Saturday night of Static's sudden death. "Wayne Static was the enigmatic former frontman and namesake of Static-X, who later forged a successful solo career…No additional information is available at this time." The rocker's publicist also confirmed Static's death to Blabbermouth.

Upon hearing the news, Papa Roach singer, Jacoby Shaddix, labeled Static’s death as a drug overdose. Shaddix wrote via Twitter and Instagram, “Too many musicians are dying from overdoses...I’m serious. Addiction is real and takes fools out. No one is invincible. So glad I live a sober life today. The number of friends that I have lost to addiction is crazy…I know drugs and partying are part of the 'rock 'n' roll lifestyle,' but damn, how many more gotta die??? Fuck the lifestyle, I want life!!!! See you on the other side, Wayne.”

Shaddix has since deleted the longer post on Instagram and has apologized via his Facebook page. The Papa Roach singer explained that he had mentioned drugs only because he had heard from other people that Static’s death was drug-related: “Wayne, I always had respect for you and didn’t mean to disrespect you and your family like I did. It wasn’t my intentions.”

A press release issued Sunday Nov. 2 from VQPR, which has repped Wayne Static in the past, stated that drugs did not play a part in the musician’s death:

Today is a sad day in the music industry – Front-man and founding member WAYNE STATIC of STATIC-X passed away quietly in his sleep at his home last night.
The couple [Wayne Static and Tera Wray] was getting ready to leave for a Fall/Winter tour this morning. They were to have left the night before on Halloween, but decided they would head out early in the morning November 1st.
The couple, known for partying heavy, had left hard drugs in 2009 and had not touched them since. Static’s first solo album – Pighammer – was a tribute to his new non-drug life and hoped it would help others to get clean from hard chemical drugs.
More official information about his passing will be released in the following days. This is not a drug related incident or an O.D.

Despite the claims by the publicist, nothing will be known for sure until the toxicology reports are released. For now, however, the death of Wayne Static is tragic no matter what the cause, as another talented performer is gone.

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