Stanton Peele's Hack-Appeal

By Will Godfrey 06/14/11

A new line of work for the AA iconoclast?

A wealthy man?

Perhaps Stanton Peele, 65, psychologist and thorn-in-the-side of Alcoholics Anonymous, has finally tired of the raging controversy that his anti-AA stance constantly provokes: He seems to have found a new line of work.

The advocate for harm reduction, who authored books including Love and Addiction (1975) and Addiction-Proof Your Child (2007), recently featured on The Fix in our piece on America’s unsung addiction experts. He complained about how he was characterized, and was given the opportunity to articulate his own recovery manifesto here. Our readers left hundreds of comments, both supporting and opposing his position.

Now the controversial doctor has been raising eyebrows among his email contacts, after many of them repeatedly received the following message from his account in recent days:

hi [name of recipient], I haven't e-mailed you in a while and I just wanted to update you on my success. I'm making $300-$400 dollars a day working from home online. I got started by reading this article, nobody showed me anything and I'm doing good. You should give it a try! :)    [link provided]

We were glad to think that the incorrigible iconoclast had settled into such a peaceful yet lucrative way of life. But when we contacted Peele to congratulate him, he set us straight. It turns out that he was unaware of the spam emails and no longer uses the address in question: [email protected]. He asks anyone who still uses that address to block it.

Take note, Alcoholics Anonymous, and relay the message to any hackers on your books.

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Will Godfrey is the former editor-in-chief of TheFix. He was also the founding editor-in-chief of, and previously co-founded a magazine for prisoners in London. His work has appeared in Salon, Pacific Standard, AlterNet and The Nation among others. He is currently the Executive Director at FILTER. You can find Will on Linkedin and Twitter.