Spokane Drug House Reportedly Terrorizing Neighborhood For Over 10 Years

By McCarton Ackerman 02/11/15

A drug house that police have ignored for over a decade has been terrorizing residents. 

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Residents of a Spokane neighborhood are up in arms over a lack of action from police on a suspected drug house that they claim has been terrorizing their community for over 10 years.

A home on the 2300 block of College Avenue has reportedly been on the radar of the Spokane Police Department since 2007, yet still continues to remain a major issue. The local SWAT team made plans to shut down the house after its homeowner, Jeanette Johnson, sold meth to an undercover officer and was sent to jail. But eight years later, drug-related problems at the house still continue to remain a major issue.

“The noise is constant, the arrests are constant, domestic violence constant, drugs constant,” said Laurie Ryan, who lives on the block. “I'm not going to ignore somebody when I'm in my yard, whether it's somebody ODing in my driveway, parked in their car or it's a junkie from the neighborhood who's in and out of the house across the street.”

The city attorney’s office has begun a fourth nuisance abatement against the property, which would allow the city to legally board up the residence and prevent anyone from living there. However, this is made more difficult by the fact that Johnson owns the home and isn’t a tenant. She has insisted that her former boyfriend was responsible for the previous drug dealing, but that it’s now a non-issue.

Her neighbors remain less convinced. Residents have complained that Johnson’s customers have repeatedly broken into their homes, while Ryan has begun a collection of syringes and drug paraphernalia that she believes are associated with Johnson’s activity.

The lack of action by Spokane police is particularly surprising since they have been ready to tackle other drug-related activity in the city. A series of raids were conducted to take down an Oxycontin drug ring in March 2013 and local police quickly moved in on heroin dealers throughout the city that same month.

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