Southern Comfort to Deliver Whiskey to Your Doorstep by Drone

By May Wilkerson 04/09/15

The makers of Southern Comfort launched their new delivery program last week.

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Door-to-door alcohol delivery is all the rage these days, with popular new companies, like Drizly, saving customers that long slog to the liquor store. Now, the makers of Southern Comfort are taking the techno-craze up a notch by delivering the whiskey-flavored liqueur to your doorstep via drone.

A beta version of the aptly named SoCo 2Go:Drone Delivery program launched last week, according to a press release. The company secured permits to use the unmanned aerial vehicles and conducted four years of research and trial testing, reporting a 96% delivery success rate. There is no word on any damages incurred in that remaining 4%.

But the risk seems worth it. Drone delivery will be free of charge. Says the website: "[O]ur initial trials of aerial delivery have actually shown to reduce some ‘overhead.'" The program will be limited to a few cities for now, but the company is asking interested parties to sign up on its website.

This isn’t the first time unmanned vehicles have been used to help people get their drink on. Last year, a company used drone delivery to get beer to fisherman in remote areas of Minnesota. A Las Vegas club has also used drones to drop off bottles for partygoers and a Swiss company used the technology to drop off champagne at a mountaintop bar in the Alps.

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