Snoop Gets Snooped

By Dirk Hanson 03/29/11

In a scene right out of "The Wire," Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, one of the show's most popular stars, is arrested during a Baltimore drug-sweep, and jailed on drug conspiracy charges.

Like a real-life episode of HBO’s “The Wire,” Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, who played the chilling, husky-voiced drug assassin on the Baltimore-based series, was arrested and charged with various state and federal drug conspiracies—in Baltimore. After a five-month investigation, hundreds of police and DEA officers assembled for a pre-dawn huddle at the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium, then fanned out across the city to execute search warrants in one of the largest drug cases every brought by the city. Born to addicted parents, Pearson became a drug dealer at a young age, and served six years in prison for shooting a girl at the age of 14, according to the Baltimore Sun. Pearson wrote a memoir, enrolled in acting classes, and became a youth mentor. She lost her house in foreclosure proceedings after “The Wire” ended in 2008.  The government sweep rounded up 63 suspects, but for all the hoopla, Baltimore’s big drug bust netted only five pounds of marijuana and five grams of heroin.

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