Singer Pete Doherty Wants To Help Fellow Addicts

By Brent McCluskey 11/14/14

The Libertines frontman wants to help others get clean. But he has to clean up his own act first.

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Singer Pete Doherty, who has spent the last month in a rehab facility in Thailand for heroin addiction, is looking to help other struggling addicts get clean.

Doherty has battled heroin addiction for years and has even found himself behind bars for drug-related offenses on multiple occasions. Currently, Doherty is being treated at Hope Rehab in Thailand and his experiences there have moved him to fund new treatment centers to help other addicts.

“Peter is not only a talented musician but a strong character who has a lot to offer,” said Hope Rehab founder Simon Mott. “He has expressed a wish to use his influence to help other struggling addicts. Together with Hope he wants to start a trust funding treatment places.”

Doherty admitted earlier this year that drugs were “no longer fun” for him and that he “would like to get rid of the damn things.” However, he added, “it’s difficult to stop.” The singer has tried quitting drugs in the past and has spent time in several rehab centers across the UK. But a spokesman for Hope believes their facility’s unique environment will help Doherty not only get clean, but stay clean. 

“Many addicts did not fit into conventional rehabs, however, today he is a month into his recovery of a well-documented heroin addiction,” according to a spokesman for Hope. “Peter does not suit typical treatment approaches—clinical environments limited by their setting and formality.”

Doherty’s bandmate, Carl Barat, has visited Doherty at least once during his stay, where the two wrote five new tracks for the band’s upcoming album.

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