Sinead O'Connor's Fourth Marriage "Cracks"

By Luke Walker 12/29/11

She splits from her drug counselor husband after 16 drug-fueled days, to protect him from herself.

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Sinead O’Connor’s 16-day marriage to her drug counselor, Barry Herridge, ended already after a string of vice-fueled incidents—including a wedding night weed run, which instead yielded a satchel of crack. O’Connor and Herridge wed in Las Vegas on December 8; she dropped him on Christmas Eve for strictly virtuous reasons, citing “the pain he was in.” O’Connor compared her fourth marriage to “living in a coffin.” But she admits she's frightened Herridge on multiple occasions, particularly during their search for weed just three hours after the wedding ceremony: "We ended up in a cab in some place that was quite dangerous. ­­Then I was handed a load of crack. Barry was very frightened—that kind of messed everything up a bit really." Perhaps sensing a conflict of interest between her endeavors and her marriage, O’Connor made her choice: "The whole reason I ended it was out of respect and love for the man."

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