Video: "Sh*t 12 Steppers Say"

By Sam Lansky 01/18/12

The latest of a viral video trend captures some of recovering addicts' favorite verbal tics to a tee.

The “Shit [Demographic] Say" viral video trend has probably reached its saturation point, but the newest entry, “Sh*t 12 Steppers Say,” is pretty good value. Ranging from the obvious (“Have you prayed about it?”) to subtler lines (“Just one more!”) to the just plain bizarre (“Is 800-milligram ibuprofen a relapse?”), the video features actress Frankie Norstad satirizing the clichés, slogans, and shop-talk that most 12 Step program participants have heard, y’know, a thousand times. The best moment has to be when she takes a sip of the coffee, groans “This coffee is so gross,” and then continues drinking it. Been there, done that—some of us as recently as this morning, in fact.

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