Mrs. Sheen's Pawn Shop Panic

By Kirwan Gray 04/15/11

With $55,000 a month in child support, and millions more upcoming from her divorce from Charlie Sheen, some wonder why the freshly-rehabbed actress suddenly needed to score some quick cash.

Charlie's former Angel causes problems at a pawn shop.
Photo via celebritysmackblog

Brooke Mueller, who will officially become Charlie’s Sheen’s former wife as of May 2, is currently embroiled in a nasty battle over child custody, and knee-deep in restraining orders aimed at her ex. Most observers expected that she would easily win custody rights over the couple's two kids, given Sheen's bizarre behavior.  But a video just released by TMZ won't do much to help her case. The grainy film showed the visibly jittery actress, released from rehab barely a week ago, turning up at a Hollywood pawn shop attempting to sell off an expensive men’s watch and a stereo, and angrily confronting the pawn shop owner when  she declined to produce any I.D. Brooke's well-known battles with sobriety have been chronicled for years, and her divorce from Sheen will leave her in good financial shape. Given the $55,000 a month in child support, and millions of dollars she's certain to receive in their upcoming divorce settlement, it’s hard not to speculate about her sudden need to score some quick cash. In 2001, Mueller was arrested for cocaine possession, and has been in and out of rehab several times since then. “She was a party girl—that’s not a secret,” says a newspaper columnist in Miami, where the couple first met several years ago. "It doesn’t make her a bad person. She’s not atypical of the rich youth of Palm Beach. This is a town where the rich and famous come to party.” Soon after their marriage, Sheen regularly referred to his wife as his "angel." But in 2009, their union semed to turn hellish. During one combative evening, the actor was arrested on domestic abuse charges in Aspen, Colorado, after he held a knife to Mueller’s throat. He subsequently plead guilty and was sentenced to a month’s worth of treatment and anger management classes. It seems he might have needed a little bit more study time.  

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