Charlie Sheen Tour Rolls On, But Not With Randy Quaid

By Kirwan Gray 04/13/11

"It must be living hell for an addict. Every time Sheen mentions crack everybody cheers.”

Charlie Sheen, touring as Charlie Sheen.
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Halfway through his 20-city road show, "My Violent Torpedo of Truth," Charlie Sheen may not be bringing the house down but, somewhat remarkably, he's selling it out. Last weekend, the self-described wacky warlock played to a packed Radio City Music Hall, where his show's Animal House atmosphere was met on Friday night with jeers but on Sunday night with cheers. The tour seems to have settled into this bipolar pattern after its disastrous launch on April 2 in Detroit. Flanked by his two "goddesses," the star's "standup" routine is described as predictably rambling, profane, obnoxious—and rife with content about drug use, like the time he locked himself in an airplane bathroom to do rails or the time he gave CPR to a model ODing on heroin or the time…

"It must be living hell for an addict," writes The Hollywood Reporter's David Rooney. "Every time Sheen mentions crack or cocaine there are loud cheers, followed by boos whenever he says he no longer partakes."

Also featured are Sheen's trademark tirades against real and imagined enemies, a carefully scripted Q&A, and a "surprise guest of honor." In New York, Daryl Strawberry and James Lipton made cameos. Tonight, when the Torpedo strikes Boston, Jersey Shore's Pauly D is rumored to be in da house. Tickets start at $150. The tour is set to head south—geographically—and then ramble westward, churning up plenty of publicity in the process. Today's headline: Randy Quaid was rumored to have asked Charlie if he could open for him in Vancouver on May 2, but Sheen reportedly rebuffed his former Major League II costar. 

One city the "Truth" will not hit is Los Angeles. Sheen has few fans in Hollywood at the moment. "Charlie Sheen should go back to work and they should let him go back to work and he should do his job," Michael J. Fox told USA Today.  

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