Seven Year Old Rats Out Mom for Meth Habit

By Bryan Le 08/21/14

A Florida boy witnessed his mother cooking meth and told an adult, which led to her being arrested.

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According to police, a seven-year-old Florida boy told on his mom's meth habit and ultimately had her arrested.

The child took several days to work up the guts to tell someone about his mom's drug and paraphernalia stash. His mother, Briana Buchanan, was living with her boyfriend's brother, Peter—whose last name has been withheld—in Edgewater, Fla. where she kept her habit hidden in the trunk of her car.

The boy had told Peter several times that his mother was cooking "something bad," but it would be days before the kid showed Peter just how bad it was.

"He came up to me, and he said, 'There's really bad stuff in mom's car that I want to show you,'" Peter said, recalling how the paraphernalia was sitting among the boy's toys. Peter immediately called 911.

"Her son, who's seven, just told me she keeps bad stuff in her car, and he opened up the trunk, and she has a meth lab in her trunk," Peter told a 911 dispatcher.

Police arrived to find chemicals, two syringes, hot plates, and other items used to cook meth. The boy was also able to describe how his mother used the items, as she evidently had done the cooking in front of him.

"He said when they would get all this stuff together, they would put it all in a soda bottle, and they would shake the soda bottle and take the top off to, I guess, vent it out," Peter said.

Buchanan is now being held on $32,000 bail while the child went to live with his grandmother, where he will stay for the foreseeable future.

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