Sean Young Arrested After Oscars

By Anna David 02/27/12

The once-glorious actress turned Celeb Rehab casualty was booked after a post-Oscars melee.

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Getting carried away on Oscar night usually means going on a bit too long with your acceptance speech. When you’re Sean Young, however, it can actually mean getting carried away by the cops after “some type of physical altercation” on the street outside of the Governor’s Ball. Young, so beautiful and promising in Blade Runner and Wall Street, hit the first snag in her career when her Boost costar James Woods filed a $6 million harassment suit against her for “intentional infliction of emotional distress” after their on-set affair hit the skids. Stories about her doing things like dressing up in a cat suit in a misguided attempt to score a role that eventually went to Michelle Pfeiffer followed. It therefore wasn't terribly surprising when she washed up on the shores of the fifth season of Celebrity Rehab (she had been to rehab in 2008 following an outburst at the 2008 Directors Guild awards). While the details of 52-year-old Young’s post Oscars arrest are a bit fuzzy—apparently she was trying to take photos near the entrance and it was somehow the Academy ‘s lawyer’s fault that she got arrested—this wasn’t her first crazy post Academy Awards experience: in 2006, she tried to crash the notoriously exclusive Vanity Fair bash.

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