"Cold Turkey": The Beer for Morning Drinkers

By Bryan Le 03/15/13

A Scottish brewery sparks controversy with a new "breakfast beer" that tastes like cereal.

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A Scottish brewery has raised some eyebrows by introducing a specialized malt beverage for those who like a drink with (or as) their breakfast. The "Cold Turkey" brew contains a blend of hops, grains and barley that is supposedly reminiscent of coffee, grapefruit and “all the malty taste of multigrain cereal.” But while the beer clocks in at only 2.8% alcohol, critics fear that selling it in Scotland (one of the world's hardest-drinking nations) will promote alcoholism, by inviting people to start their drinking even earlier in the day. “I would not encourage people to drink alcohol at breakfast time,” says Richard Burkitt, director of addiction advocacy group For The Right Reasons. “If you are drinking at breakfast time, you have a problem and you are an alcoholic. And you need to seek help.” But the brewery claims that "breakfast" is a loose concept, and the Cold Turkey could appeal to moderate drinkers, who happen to get up extra early. "There has been a lot of positive reaction to it as well," says Black Isle owner David Gladwin, "But it’s worth remembering that one man’s breakfast is another man’s lunch. Some people who have been up for four or five hours prior to 9 O’clock in the morning might have a drink as it’s their lunch.” They also point out that consumption Cold Turkey Breakfast Beer is not limited to the morning hours. “I’m not suggesting people substitute breakfast for beer,” Gladwin stresses. “It’s beer that could be drunk at any time of the day.” He adds: “Unfortunately, if you mention breakfast and beer in the same sentence people do jump to rather predictable conclusions."

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