Giant Sandcastle Warns Against Mobile Phone Addiction

By Bryan Le 02/25/13

An Indian artist creates a towering reminder of the global impact of Smartphone habits.

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Hoping to turn the tide against smartphone
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To raise awareness about smartphone addiction, renowned Indian artist Manas Sahoo has created an enormous sculpture out of sand on Puri Beach in India. The sculpture was erected yesterday on "Sand Moodoff Day," when thousands of participants in over 40 countries pledged to put down their smartphones for five hours. The challenge, meant to remind people how dependent they are on their phones, reportedly proved difficult for many. “Being without their smart phones for only a few hours proved a big challenge for participants," said campaign founder Tapas Senapati, "going by the feedback we have received, many will try to curb their dangerous and addictive smart phone habits.” The elaborate sculpture took hours to construct and required a team of "sand specialists." But Sahoo believes it was worth every grain, saying: “we wanted to create something to make people aware of how much smart phones really impact our lives.” Last year, mobile phones were responsible for 6,000 driving fatalities and half a million accidents in the US alone. And a recent study found that 84% of the world reported they couldn't go a day without checking their cellphones.

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