Sailors Too Drunk to Recall Teen Girl Beatdown

By Bryan Le 04/12/12

Two UK sailors testify in court against the 13-year-old girls who gave them a walloping they don't remember.

They messed with the wrong broads. Photo via

To add insult to literal injury, a pair of British sailors who woke up from their blackouts with mysterious injuries were asked to testify against their aggressors—a pair of 13-year-old girls. The drunken shipmen were beaten in the street by the teenswho were also inebriatedat one in the morning after an argument. Neither sailor remembers what happened on account of alcohol's memory-erasing qualities, but their injuries were serious enough to stand as evidence: one man reported tenderness on the back of his head and a grazed knee after being slammed into a shop window, while the other bears scratches and a swollen face. CCTV footage of the night's events depicts a scrimmage so vicious that one of the teens was “appalled” when she was made to watch her own violent actions. One girl pleaded guilty to two charges of assault, and the other received a reprimand from the judge. Despite one of the teens having a previous violent offense on her record, defense lawyers argued that they were not completely at fault since the sailors had cussed at them: “There was some provocation from these two much larger men.”

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