Rutgers Student Stabs Another Student After Taking LSD

By Brent McCluskey 03/31/15

A bad trip left one Rutgers University student in the hospital and the other behind bars.


A Rutgers University student was stabbed in the neck early last Saturday morning after he and another man consumed LSD.

Andrew Kim, 23, and Kevin Huang, 22, took LSD in a their off-campus apartment in New Brunswick late Sunday evening. Several hours later Huang became aggressive, removing his clothes and destroying the apartment. Ultimately, he stabbed Kim, who fled the apartment.

Responding police officers arrested Huang, who was lying naked on the floor of the second story apartment. Officers discovered large amounts of drugs and money inside the apartment, including cocaine, 500 Xanax pills, 15 pounds of marijuana and an assortment of unidentified pills and crystals. 

A witness with Kim and Huang went on record to state that Kim and Huang had both taken LSD earlier in the evening and that had begun to act aggressive, taking his clothes off and rampaging through their apartment. The witness went for help and returned to discover Kim leaving the apartment with blood spouting from his neck. Huang was charged with attempted murder and several counts of weapons and drug possession. 

Kim was transported to an area hospital to be treated for his injuries. Police are still investigating the incident to determine what events led up to near-fatal stabbing.

This is not the only time a bad trip has resulted in violence. In September of 2014, a Washington man on a bad LSD trip went on a week-long crime spree that included robbery, burglary, kidnapping, theft of a firearm, criminal trespassing, and vehicle prowling. 

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